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Head Coach Bc. Pavel Mojtek

Founder & Director of PM Eishockey Coaches

Coach: Germany: all levels from youth to PRO. Czech Republic: Juniors, Bantam & Pee Wee, 15+ years

Skill coach: Czech Republic (Extraliga, 1. league)

Skating Instructor: GERMANY, PM Coaches. USA, Planet Hockey. 8 000+ players

Coaching license: C, B, A

Coaching symposium IIHF: 2010 Germany. 2016 Russia. 2018 Denmark.

Player: 10 years in Germany.  6+ years as NO German player.

Deutsche Infos Pavel: HIER

Head Coach PaedDr. Martin Groma

Doctor degree in Sports

A+ coaching license

II. Director of PM Eishockey Coaches

Manager: Slovak Ice Hockey U23 National Team 2017 & 2019. Slovak Ice Hockey U17 National Team 2018/19 & 2017/18. Slovak Ice Hockey U16 National Team 2016/17. Hockey Talent Agency since 2005.

Coach: 2nd Youngest Head Coach of PRO team in Slovakia. All levels up to PRO level. Slovakia, Canada, USA 20+ years.

Skating Instructor: 18 years. Skating Director - St. Peters USA. 10+ different skating programs. 200+ camps & clinics. 10000+ players.

Methodist: HK Trnava Hockey Club.

Federation Development Program - Slovak Ice Hockey Federation: Skating video for SIHF. Trainer of D license coaches SIHF

Player: 10 years of PRO hockey.

Ausführliche Infos Martin: HIER

Head Goalie Coach Jozef Urdák

National Team Level Goalie Coach 

Goalie Coach: Slovak Ice Hockey U20 National Team 2016/17. Slovak Ice Hockey U17 National Team 2018/19, 2015/16, 2014/15 , 2013/14. Slovak Ice Hockey U16 National Team 2019/20 2012/13, 2011/12. All club hockey levels from U6 up to PRO level. 10+ years.                                                                                                                    

Goalie Instructor: 7+ years. 10+ different skating program. Own Goalie School. 80+ camps & clinics. 5 000+ players & 500+ goalies.

Manager of Youth Hockey Program: HK Trnava

Goalie: 7 years of PRO & SEMIPRO hockey

Ausführliche Infos Jožo: HIER

Head Goalie Coach Ľubo Klosík

Goalie Coach: Czechia. Slovakia. 10+ years.

Goalie Instructor: 50+ camps & clinics (USA 20+, SVK, GER 20+, CZE).

Manager: Hockey Tournaments. Sport Events.   

Goalie: Czech National Team U18. PRO hockey in CZE.

Head Coach Mirek Šlapka

Coach: Slovakia: MsHK Žilina. Germany: EV Füssen, EV Lindau. Head Coach U17, U15, U13, U10, U8. Assistant Coach U18, U15, U13.

Skating Instructor: 50+ camps & clinics (USA 20+, SVK, GER 20+, CZE)

Player: SEMIPRO & PRO hockey in CZE  

Weitere Infos Mirek: HIER

Skill Coach Adam Spurný

Skill Coach Martin Holéczy

Goalie Coach Peter Franke

Infos Peter: HIER

Coach & Physiotherapeut

Thomas Bauer

Coach & Mentor Paul Kaspar

Coach Robert Linke

Coach Dominik Fishmuller

Coach Vladi Zvonik

Fotos Vladi HIER

Coach Martin Petný

Skating Coach Martina

Fotos Matrina HIER

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